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Work from home business opportunities are in high demand. Focus is shifting, with more workers opting for positions that offer flexibility and substantial pay. These at-home business ventures are perfect for stay-at-home parents and students who are looking for easy ways to bring in extra cash, while maintaining other priorities.

Working from home offers individuals the ability to travel, without sacrificing their income. The internet has made working from home as accessible as ever. With its undoubtable benefits, workers have increasingly transitioned from traditional work to at-home positions.

Despite common misconceptions, workers can make a living from at-home work. By learning more about what is available, individuals looking to find work from home jobs can discover an opportunity that is perfect for them. And these are some of the most popular opportunities to work from home.

Learn About Medical Billing and Coding Jobs From Home

Medical billing is a good option for those with an interest in administrative work or with experience in the medical field. Medical billing professionals are responsible for billing insurance companies and patients for provided healthcare services.

Additionally, these workers will need to manage appeals and communicate with offices, hospitals and other medical facilities regularly.

Those interested in medical billing should have a good understanding of medical terminology, coding and human anatomy. Training is necessary and should be done at accredited locations. Many schools offer vocational programs, and these can range in duration, from several months to a few years’ time. Online training is also available for those who require the flexibility.

Work from home medical billing can be a profitable career choice.  Medical billers can make on up to $45,000 per year.

Additionally, entrepreneurs can start their own medical billing business. As with starting any business where you are your own boss, you can ensure that you’re enjoying the benefits of working remotely. You’ll just have to keep in mind the following necessary expenses:

  • Home office equipment
  • A business license
  • Medical billing software
  • Reference books

Medical coding work from home is also widely available. Individuals in this field are responsible for classifying medical diagnoses, services and procedures by code, to assist with billing. To qualify for positions in this field, applicants will need special certification along with an associate or bachelor’s degree in a health-related field. Medical coders can make on average $45,000 a year.

Lastly, working medical transcription jobs from home is also a possibility, and these are great administrative options in the medical field. Basically, transcriptionists must type out medical dictation.

Training is necessary through a post-secondary program. However, little is needed to get started. Workers in this career path will need a computer, desk and earpiece to begin. Medical transcriptionists can make approximately $30,100 a year.

Learn About Amazon Call Center Jobs From Home

Customer service representatives can work remotely for large and fast-growing businesses – like the always popular Amazon. Amazon call center jobs from home are available in select states. Customer service associates are in charge of communicating with shoppers by phone, email and chat, to answer questions and handle concerns.

Full- and part-time positions are available through the company. If you apply for Amazon virtual customer service jobs, the only equipment you’ll need to start are a high-speed internet connection and reliable phone line. Beyond that, you’ll be asked if you have relevant work experience and a quiet home space where you can take calls. The hourly pay for customer service representatives is about $17.75 an hour.

Learn About Work From Home IT Support

Those with tech backgrounds and great communication skills can look for work from home IT support positions. Call centers, corporations and other businesses often hire technical support specialists to help maintain computer functions.

Workers in this field will need to troubleshoot any issues and effectively communicate solutions. Pay will depend on the precise job title but individuals in the technical support industry can make approximately $49,770 per year.

Find Out About Work From Home Bookkeeping Jobs

Job seekers who are interested in finances can find work from home business opportunities in the bookkeeping space. Bookkeepers track all the money that goes in and out of a business. They update financial records and create reports, always checking for accuracy.

Bookkeeping does not require a degree or even much prior experience. Work form home bookkeeping jobs are often available to applicants after some time working on-site. However, if you do get the chance to start off as a freelance virtual bookkeeper, you don’t have to worry about incurring too many costs like with other work from home jobs. Bookkeepers mainly need to create a website to advertise their services and pay the costs associated with site design and creation.

Get Information on Virtual Data Entry Jobs

Virtual data entry encompasses a wide variety of positions from coders and transcriptionists to data processors, typists and clerks. In general, data entry requires the electronic input of data within a company’s system. It is very easy to get started and there is no specialized training needed.

Virtual data entry jobs often pay based on few different scales, such as:

  • Keystrokes per minute.
  • Length of audio.
  • Per word entered.

There are numerous websites available that can help you find top-notch work from home opportunities, regardless of your field. Some of the most popular work from home sites include:

  • The Penny Hoarder Work-From-Home Job Portal – the Penny Hoarder’s editorial staff picks and screens all the postings listed, ensuring that each opportunity is legitimate.
  • ZipRecruiter – ZipRecruiter helps you find postings in geo-specific locations and has an easy to navigate interface. Also, you can see average salary, so you know what to expect before applying.
  • FlexJobs – FlexJobs screens each posting, which means users are directed to hundreds of quality online jobs. Additionally, the site offers premium features like a skills test if you decide to sign up for a membership.