Learn How To Apply For TANF Assistance With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For TANF Assistance With Our Guide

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TANF in Michigan is the state installment of the national Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Since each state has its own version of this cash assistance program, it often goes by different names. As far as “What is TANF known as in Michigan?” residents can apply for these benefits through the Family Independence Program (FIP). The FIP is controlled by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), and applications are handled at the local level.

By submitting a TANF application, qualifying families can gain access to temporary financial assistance. Overall, this program aims to help families maintain personal independence and support the well-being of children across the state. In order to qualify, applicants must fulfill certain income and residency requirements. Income and household size are also used to determine FIP benefit amounts for each family. Residents who wish to receive cash assistance can apply for this program through the MDHHS at any time.

Who qualifies for TANF in Michigan?

According to TANF eligibility requirements, FIP focuses on providing aid to families with children who are younger than 18 years of age. Parents with children who are 18 and still attending high school may be considered eligible as well. Moreover, the FIP also extends benefits to pregnant women and families with foster children. In addition to being a parent or guardian of an eligible child, you must also fit the following guidelines:

  • You must reside within the state.
  • You must provide proof of lawful citizenship or non-citizenship.
  • You must not currently receive TANF benefits in another state.

Income, assets and residence are all factors used to determine eligibility. Income includes monthly wages as well as additional income, such as child support and Social Security benefits. This information is then entered into the Michigan TANF calculator in order to determine the amount of benefits you qualify for. Furthermore, all adult household members are required to work unless they have a disability, are older than 65 years of age or provide another eligible reason.

How to Apply for TANF in Michigan

Once you determine that you meet TANF qualifications, you can submit an application in one of two ways. The first way is to apply in person at your local MDHHS office. These offices are located in every county throughout the state. At each office, MDHHS representatives are present to assist you with the application process, including providing translation services as needed. You can also choose to submit a TANF online application through the MDHHS portal. As part of the application process, are also required to meet with an MDHHS specialist in order to:

  • Verify your documents.
  • Get an overview of the program and your rights within it.
  • Learn about work requirements and establish a self-sufficiency plan.
  • Find out about Medicaid and childcare assistance.

In addition, you will need to attend an FIP orientation further explaining the program and the requirements you must meet to continue receiving benefits. To find your nearest office, you can search “TANF office near me” online or visit the MDHHS website. For more information on the application process for TANF, you can download our comprehensive guide.

How much cash assistance will I get in Michigan?

The FIP distributes TANF benefits by family size, income and assets. In order to qualify for any benefits, your total household income must be less than your maximum monthly benefit amount. This is otherwise known as the payment standard. However, certain deductions are made in an effort to encourage recipients to find work while receiving assistance. For example, earnings for parents who are younger than 18 years of age and in school are not counted in household income. Other disregarded funds include:

  • A portion of monthly wages.
  • Childcare costs.
  • Other allowable expenses.

In order to determine how much money do you get from TANF, your calculated income amount is subtracted from the payment standard. You can then use this remaining figure to learn the amount of benefits you may receive on a monthly basis. This can reach anywhere from $300 to $900 depending on household size.

It is also important to note that children can receive benefits even if you, as the parent, are ineligible based on income. This is considered a child-only grant for ineligible grantees and involves a smaller benefit amount. As far as the question, “Do you have to pay back TANF?” the answer is no. FIP benefits are considered grants and therefore do not require repayment.

How long does it take to get TANF benefits in Michigan?

Concerning the question, “When will I receive my TANF benefits?” this is based on the pay period. According to FIP regulations, your eligibility must be determined within 45 days of your application submission. As long as you meet eligibility requirements, you can expect to receive your benefits during the pay period in which your application becomes 30 days old. If you do not fulfill the terms of eligibility within this period, then the FIP will delay your benefits until you do.

Once you are approved for TANF benefits, you will receive a notice by mail indicating your acceptance and your awarded benefit amount. After the initial delivery, benefits are distributed on a semi-monthly basis. Alternately, it is possible to appeal your denial through an administrative hearing if you are denied from the program at this time. Download our complete guide to learn about filing an appeal after denial from the program.

How long can you receive TANF in Michigan?

Due to the temporary nature of the program, all recipients eventually lose eligibility for the program. How long this takes depends on certain circumstances, such as continuing eligibility status and the timeframe. For example, if you surpass TANF income limits, then you cannot continue to receive benefits. You must report any changes in income or employment within 10 days of the occurrence.

Based on the national TANF payment schedule, adult applicants are eligible to receive benefits for a maximum of 60 months. However, Michigan recipients are further limited to a maximum of 48 cumulative months. This time limit is calculated on an individual basis, even within a multi-adult household. As a result, the recipient with the longest time frame available determines how long the household can receive FIP benefits.

How can I check my TANF status in Michigan?

If you would like to verify the status of your FIP application or benefits at any time, then it is possible to do so online through the MDHHS portal. Through the online portal, you can check your eligibility status as well as answer questions like, “What time does TANF deposit benefits?” You can also monitor the current contents of your EBT Bridge card.

In order to create and access your online account, you will need to provide certain information. This includes personal information such as your assigned TANF number from the MDHHS, your Social Security Number (SSN) and your birth date. Once you set up your account you can view your FIP information at any time.

Learn How To Apply For TANF Assistance With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For TANF Assistance With Our Guide